Our scarves are made sustainably and ethically

We have always been passionate about sustainable fashion production.  Custom made fashion is a great sustainable option. Our scarves are made to order one by one by a company specialising in scarf production in India for more than 20 years. They are committed to a holistic CSR policy that includes fair wages, zero waste goals and giving back a percentage of their profits to the community in India.

Fabrics are fair-trade certified and the on-demand printing workshop operates under fair trade production conditions.

Each scarf goes through a delicate process from printing and hand stitching through delivery. We understand the value in delivering excellence made with thoughtfulness and transparency. The digital printing process results in vibrant colours on natural base cloth fibres. Edge seams are a close 1mm straight stitch for a neat finish to your luxurious scarf. Production currently takes 21 days.

digital printing machine

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