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Cassandra Postema with scarf

Hello! My name is Cassandra Postema, a Dutch textile pattern and fashion designer. I split my time between Perth, Australia and Bali, Indonesia. My print and pattern work is inspired by my love of nature and the need to conserve it for us all to flourish. Interwoven are stories of inspiration.

Why the name Orchid and Rose?

I was born in the Netherlands and grew up in South East Asia. As such, I have always straddled East and West. After graduating from Central Saint Martins’ School of Art in London, I handmade fashion from fabrics collected from my trips all over the world and sold them at the London markets.

I loved everything about London and being part of London Fashion Week with my first fashion brand. However, after 12 years London I missed Asia. After much prayer and meditation, someone gave me this message:

“A rose doesn’t flourish well in the East, just as an orchid doesn’t flourish in the West”.

This has guided me well, as I navigated the East to finally find my home in Indonesia. So I thought I would create a brand around my soul message.

Soul messages and positive stories

As an interesting challenge for a print designer like me, I decided to use the square scarf as a basis for my positive stories. One foot in fashion, the other in art. I love the idea of a beautiful found vintage scarf in a frame, so we offer the designs as wall art as well.

Find my other positive story brand Emi & Eve jewellery made from bullets here.


fashion sketch of girls in a line

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